Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Peter Schiff for US Senate in the Republican primary

Peter Schiff is rock solid on the economy. He was an economic adviser on Ron Paul's presidential campaign. He is somewhat libertarian on most issues. He is by far the best major party candidate in this race on either side.
Rob Simmons is a liar. At a town hall type meeting he claimed that he never voted for a bill that he did not read and later to another question said that he never knowingly voted for federal funding of any abortions. Both of these statement cannot be true.
Linda McMahon was asked to run for this office by Rham Emmanuel to ensure that the Democrat wins. She touts her experience with the WWE. If that is here best quality then we need to ask and get answers about things such as the exploitation of women and the rampant use of steroids in here business. She says "its time for something different." Sound a lot like "change," and we know where that has gotten us. So I would like to say like the add she once ran Linda McMahon "get the F out."

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