Sunday, October 31, 2010

For US Senate I am voting for Warren Mosler

This was a hard decision to make. Blumenthal is definitely not fit for the Senate. McMahon says some good things but I am not sure of why. What is her real ideology? I went back and forth between Mosler and Mertens. Mosler is decent on economic issues and will get my vote although I hope that Mertens gets one percent to run a CFL candidate against Lieberman. If you want the best candidate it is John Traceski who is a write-in. This is a race that I wish there was ranked voting in. I would vote 1. Traceski, 2. Mosler, 3. Hill, 4. Mertens.

For Governor I am voting for Tom Foley

Despite the lies of the Malloy campaign Tom is the best candidate for the job. I did seriously consider Tom Marsh also but in the end the decision came down to Marsh seems to be eager to raise taxes a Foley would not raise taxes is possible.
Malloy claims that he will eliminate some state department but will not eliminate jobs. This is typical talking out of both sides of ones mouth. Although it is possible to do it would serve not purpose. Also, Malloy claims he will create green jobs. In Spain where the government has created green jobs studies show that for each green job created it cost about two other jobs.

In the 5th Congressional District I endorse Sam Caligiuri

Please vote for Sam on the Independent Party line. Sam has a solid record on economic issues in the State Senate all though not perfect. Sam is a great candidate and therefore a look the write-ins is not warranted. Sam was the only State Senator to vote against the state budget. He rightly called it unsustainable.

In the 4th Congressional District Vote for Dan Debicella

This is more of a vote against Himes than a strong vote for Dan. I do not know enough about the write in candidate to even consider him.

Undecided for the 3rd Congressional District

There is not a candidate that stands out and says to me I will be the difference maker. I will stand for right and will not be moved. I would either vote for Jerry Labriola,or write in Boaz Itshaky. I think Bo may be slightly better than Jerry but there hasn't been a solid candidate from the Republican in this district in years, not since Martin Ruest.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

I endorse Dan Reale for Congress in the 2nd District

Although Joe Courtney over his time in Congress has been the best Congressman currently serving from CT, that doesn't say much. Peckinpaugh is a joke. She only won due to her name recognition. Daria Novak would have been a great choice put unfortunately she lost in the primary. Dan Reale is a write-in candidate. He has an easy name to remember and to spell, so write-in Dan Reale for Congress in the 2nd district.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Saturday, October 16, 2010

I am voting for Ann Brickley for Congress 1rst District

Simply put Ann is running against three ballot listed candidates that are at best socialists. I unfortunately do not have enough information to fully endorse Ann. My inside information says that she is better for real than she is on paper. Mr. Larson was once a honorable man. I disagreed on many issues but believed that he told the truth and would do what he says he would do. Obviously he has spent too much time in DC. He no longer is some you can trust. He claims that Ann would cut medicare after he has voted to cut billions from it. It is time for Him to go. Vote for Ann.

I am voting for Jeff Wright for Treasurer

Although I lack the knowledge of this candidate to make a full endorsement, I cannot vote for any of the other candidates for this office. If his slogan "cash cop" is true that will be a plus. I would like to know how each candidate for this office invests and see a simplified financial report showing net worth and income. Absent that info this is the best choice that I can make.


The posting of this is not a endorsement of McMahon. I will probably not endorse a candidate in this race and will likely vote for Mosler or possibly Mertens.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Quantitative Easing…aka, Legalized Theft!

Follow the link to an article by a Matthew Radant a young Constitutionalist from CT.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I endorse Ken Mosher for Secretary of the State

I never vote for a major party candidate for this office because it has a lot of influence on ballot access laws. Also as a Libertarian Ken will be closer to my views on how to handle the part of the job that deals with businesses.