Tuesday, August 10, 2010

2010 CT Primary Endorsement and Preferences


Governor-no pick I do not think that anyone of them would a much better or worse governor than the other however, none of them would be great.

Lt. Gov.-Boughton

US Senate-endorsed Peter Schiff

Attorney General-endorsed Martha Dean

1rst district-Mark Zydanowicz. He is not all that I would like to see, but he seems sincere and willing to learn.

2nd district-Daria Novak. I am a little worried about who she official accepts help from.

4th district-endorsed Rick Torres

5th district-no endorsement either Sam Caligiuri or Mark Greenberg are good candidate for different reasons. Do not vote for Justin Bernier.

Governor-endorsed Dan Malloy because Lamont is just that anti-American.

Lt Gov.-Glassman

Comptroller-endorsed Mike Jarjura. Jarjura will get the endorsement for the general election if he wins the primary. Orchulli was a lousy US Senate candidate who was not well informed we do not need that in any office.

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