Saturday, October 18, 2008

Chuck Baldwin for President

Chuck Baldwin is the candidate of the Constitution Party for President. He has been endorsed by Ron Paul. Baldwin will be on the ballot in 37 states. Unfortunately he will not be in CT. He will however be a registered write-in candidate in CT. To vote for him you must write-in Baldwin/Castle at the bottom of the paper ballot that you will receive here in CT and then you must also fill in the appropriate bubble. I support Chuck Baldwin 100%. He is the only candidate that will protect our national sovereignty, protect innocent human life, and attempt to bring back real or Constitutional money.

New Party New Blog

We are starting a new party. The Constitution Party for the Constitution State. The Constitution Party of CT will be the affiliate of the national Constitution Party. We will be working with any and all people and groups that will help us restore the Constitution. This will be the on place that Nutmeggers can go and find out the real story. We will be commenting on current events and sometimes reminding people of history or teaching it in many cases. We will also candidate endorsements. So lets get going.