Tuesday, August 10, 2010

2010 CT Primary Endorsement and Preferences


Governor-no pick I do not think that anyone of them would a much better or worse governor than the other however, none of them would be great.

Lt. Gov.-Boughton

US Senate-endorsed Peter Schiff

Attorney General-endorsed Martha Dean

1rst district-Mark Zydanowicz. He is not all that I would like to see, but he seems sincere and willing to learn.

2nd district-Daria Novak. I am a little worried about who she official accepts help from.

4th district-endorsed Rick Torres

5th district-no endorsement either Sam Caligiuri or Mark Greenberg are good candidate for different reasons. Do not vote for Justin Bernier.

Governor-endorsed Dan Malloy because Lamont is just that anti-American.

Lt Gov.-Glassman

Comptroller-endorsed Mike Jarjura. Jarjura will get the endorsement for the general election if he wins the primary. Orchulli was a lousy US Senate candidate who was not well informed we do not need that in any office.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Rick Torres for US Congress in the 4th district

Not much to say here I join a list that is a who's who in the Liberty movement in endorsing Rick Torres. Ron Paul, Judge Andrew Napolitano, and Peter Schiff are among those that have endorsed Rick Torres. If anyone is able to volunteer to help him this last week or make a donation please do so.

Dan Malloy for Governor in the Democrat Primary

This is an endorsement that definitely will not carry over into the general election. This endorsement is made because the worst possible candidate for governor is Ned Lamont.
Lamont has sucked up to the unions since deciding to run for Senate in 2006. However, he fought to keep the communication workers out of his company. He also supports killing the disabled. Lamont touts his business experience and job creation but has decreased his work force even in good times. He would not have been a success in business had he not inherited hundred of millions of dollar by being a member of one of wealthiest families in the country.
Malloy will not be a good governor but Ned Lamont may be the death knell for the state of Connecticut. Lamont will be openly hostile to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Martha Dean for Atorney General in the Republican primary

Martha Dean is Pro-life yet more libertarian than most Republican candidates, a good combination. The other choice in this primary is Ross Garber who I like to refer to as Mr. Bysiewicz as he is married to Secretary of the State Susan Bysiewicz's sister. He would not get into this race until she was disqualified, there I question his commitment. Martha Dean on the other hand is better on the issues and more committed.

Peter Schiff for US Senate in the Republican primary

Peter Schiff is rock solid on the economy. He was an economic adviser on Ron Paul's presidential campaign. He is somewhat libertarian on most issues. He is by far the best major party candidate in this race on either side.
Rob Simmons is a liar. At a town hall type meeting he claimed that he never voted for a bill that he did not read and later to another question said that he never knowingly voted for federal funding of any abortions. Both of these statement cannot be true.
Linda McMahon was asked to run for this office by Rham Emmanuel to ensure that the Democrat wins. She touts her experience with the WWE. If that is here best quality then we need to ask and get answers about things such as the exploitation of women and the rampant use of steroids in here business. She says "its time for something different." Sound a lot like "change," and we know where that has gotten us. So I would like to say like the add she once ran Linda McMahon "get the F out."