Monday, February 2, 2009

The Second American Revolution

As I study more and more the battle for American independence and thus freedom and liberty I cannot consider lightly the role that the hand of God played. Outnumbered, out trained, out financed, etc. When I consider that a mere shift in the direction of the wind early on could have meant the annihilation of the the newly proclaimed United States of America less than 2 months after that proclamation. I cannot dismiss it merely as coincidence or fate as some historians do, but I must conclude that it was the hand of God.
This give me hope that though we are now subject to a government that in many ways is more tyrannical than that which we declared ourselves independent of in 1776. (Read the list of grievances against King George listed in the Declaration of Independence.) I believe freedom and liberty can once again be ours.
There are those who seek so called liberty and freedom so that they may use it for their own lascivious ends. I now realize that we will not see the hand of God as needed to accomplish a "second American revolution" if we align ourselves with those who will not honor God in their pursuit of liberty. They may follow but we must lead. This battle must first be waged from our churches. Those that claim the liberty which is in Christ must not fear the tyranny that our government threatens for expressing the ideals of freedom and liberty in an organized church setting. We for decades bashed the Soviet Union fro having registered churches. We have them here. We register for tax exempt status, then we allow the government to put restrictions on what we can and cannot say from the pulpit. Yes, now the restrictions are "political" confined mostly to what you can or cannot say about a candidate. But what is next?...Is it not even a stretch to believe they will soon try to tell us what we can say about so called political issues...abortion, homosexuality, etc. Then what?...Restrictions on what you can say about the Gospel. "I'm sorry you can't say that it is not inclusive enough" or "it's discriminatory."
We are outnumbered, we are out financed, we are out trained. But with the hand of God we can win this revolution. My fear is not that we can't win but that we won't fight. I do not think that with today's churches the first revolution would have been fought and that is my fear for the second revolution.

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