Wednesday, February 11, 2009

How to Stimulate the Economy

A couple of ideas about how to stimulate the economy. These are not new. The have in fact been proposed by Democrats.
First in 2004 when John Kerry was running for president one of his talking points was that he would eliminate the tax breaks for companies that move out of the country. My only criticism of him at the time was that why didn't he propose it when the Democrats had control of both houses and Clinton was president. Now Obama is president and the Democrats have larger majorities in both houses. This is an idea that really would stimulate the economy.
Now in 2008 Obama campaigned on changing NAFTA. Well lets do it. This is another that would actually stimulate the economy if done right.
I am sure there are more are I really haven't thought that hard, but why haven't these ideas been brought up to stimulate the economy? Don't the Democrats really want to stimulate the economy?

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