Monday, November 16, 2009

Barack Obama and Tyrone Davis; Barry Sotero and Hezekiah Harris

I recently read and article in the Hartford Courant about a boy who used false documents to play Pop Warner Football. I could not help but think of the ramifications that this should have on the president. When in Indonesia Barack Obama's name was changed to Barry Sotero. He went to school there as a citizen of Indonesia. Obama has provided false documents to state that he was born in Hawaii. He may have actually been born in Hawaii.
Hezekiah Harris provide false documents to play football. He claimed to be Tyrone Davis. The long and short of it is that even though Hezekiah would have been eligible to play he has been disqualified. Not only has he been disqualified his whole team has been disqualified.
Why is it more important to present valid documentation to play youth football than to be president?
Hezekiah was eligible but he used false documents. Maybe Obama is eligible but he has not provided the correct documents. He is still legally Barry Sotero as far as any legal documents have yet to claim. He should be disqualified if he cannot provide the proper documents. If the same justice was served as it was in the youth football case not only would Obama be disqualified but his whole team would be too. I do not know if that team would just be his cabinet or the entire Democrat Party, maybe the Republican Party also since the often seem to be all on the same team.
It is sad that who is eligible to play youth football is more important than who is eligible to be president.

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